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Lucy Hale performs her brand new single ‘Lie a Little Better' on So You Think You Can Dance | July 23rd

Just wanted to let you know that rareunknownpictures tumblr page just posted some rares of Lucy Hale. They have tons more. I just discovered this site and wanted to spread the word cause it's an awesome site for rares.
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thanks for letting us know.x

Hi x i love your tumblr, can you follow me back please? x

this is a side blog, we can’t follow back

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of course baby we’ll try to be more active 

Hi i've just created this blog and i need more blogs to follow. Can you please ask people to like this post so i could follow some of them? And also can you check out my blog? Thank you so so much for reading this, have a nice day :)
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sure thing love.x 

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"We’ll start a campfire story. Then, you finish on Twitter or Facebook. Make it scary, funny or just a little weird whatever works. Everyone can tell a story. We believing started for you. The best part is when you end a story, your helping us give hundreds of girls the chance to start their own. Let’s get her to camp!" (x)

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Lucy Hale leaving the gym in Beverly Hills | July 8th